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Lower Your Processing Fees By Up To 90%

Finally find out the truth behind the "Zero Fee" payment processing programs.

Point-of-Sale Systems

Find the point-of-sale system that is right for your business. Clover, Dejavoo, Mynt, Pax, and much more.

Low-Cost Processing

Find the pricing structure that works best for your business. Reduce your processing fees and grow your revenue.

Omni Channel Payments

Payment channel options for online retailers, mobile dependent, in-person, and over the phone transactions.

POS Systems

Powerful Clover Point of Sale Systems

Need a new Point of Sale System? Clover is our favorite and we proudly offer several of Clover's systems including Clover Station Duo, Clover Station Solo, and Clover Flex.

Customized payment solutions for your business needs

Payroc works across a range of platforms which means you get payment systems tailored to your business. Speak to one of our consultants today for a free rate review.

  • Online payment gateway for online retailers

  • Wireless, hand-held devices

  • Retail and Restaurant Full POS Systems


How Our Payment Platforms Can Work For Your Business

Manage Your Inventory

Use Clover to upload retail inventory and keep track of detailed items.

Easy Statement Access

Easily track your sales each month through our merchant service portal

Secure Payments

Secure transactions and peace of mind with PCI compliance

Excellent Customer Service

Top-of-the-line customer service for your business. Local reps in the Central Valley available to you 24/7.

Reduce Processing Fees

Significant savings of up to 50-70% with Payroc Choice. One of the lowest processing fees available for businesses.

Gain More Customers

Customer loyalty programs to help your business grow revenue and retain customers for years to come.


Benefits of Choosing Payroc


Approval for Higher Limits

Easy approval for high-ticket and high volume merchants.


Qualify for Better Options

Easy approval no matter your business or personal credit score currently is.


Eliminate Most of Your Processing Fees

Opportunities for substantial cost savings for small businesses


Excellence in technology, work environment, and entrepreneurial spirit

  • We serve our clients with integrity as trusted advisors and recognized experts in payments.

  • We are also proud to provide transparent pricing clarity and prioritize developing personal relationships, while delivering exceptional integrated payment technology.

  • We partner with our customers, ensuring they get smart and seamless custom business.

  • Payroc is a people-first global payment processing company.

Serving the San Joaquin Valley from Bakersfield to Sacramento

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